Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

The responses to my posts yesterday--on facebook and on here--were pretty astounding. So, here's what I'm proposing--let's proclaim Tuesdays as the NICE HAPPENS day. Every Tuesday. Every week.

I know, we all strive to be nice every darn day. That's the way we're wired. You know, one of the reasons poor behavior makes news is because it's an aberration. If rudeness becomes normal we're all in trouble. But too often it feels like we're surrounded by not niceness. And we want to take back the NICE. So, what the heck, let's do it.

Let's all go out of our way today (and every TUESDAY) to show niceness. Grace under pressure. Pleasantness. Let's set the example. Let the guy with two items step in front of you in the grocery line. Smile at the person who scowls at you. Notice those who are nice to you. Talk it up.

Let's be Beyonce rather than Kanye.

(Can I just say that my buddy Carleen Brice came up with this Tuesday idea--she's a genius!)


  1. Brava to you and Carleen, Judy. This is a great idea!

  2. On the other side of the coin, on my blog, Dazed and Confused, I have Pet Peeve Thursdays, and many of them are about bad behavior (cell phone users seem to be a recurring theme). I like your Nice Happens theme. Go you!

  3. What a nice way to start my Tuesday :)

  4. Welcome, and thank you!

    I read your comment on The Lipstick Chronicles this morning. I made that site my home page recently because it is a great way to get the mental juices flowing each day, and because it always seems to contain a special treasure that broadens or deepens my appreciation of life. The link in your comment was one such gem.

    I couldn't wait to check out your blog because of the delightful synchronicity of its first day being the very moment when we have become acutely aware of the consequences of our rude and crude cultural environment. We need virtual voices such as yours to help turn the tide back towards civility.

    Your site is now firmly planted in my bookmarks and will be accessed daily. Thank you for caring enough to be a gentle voice reminding us to be kind, to care, to take the time to raise the tone.

    As we each take action in this way, our little ripple joins others and perhaps those joined ripples will become a wave of change. At least a girl can hope it will, right?

    Best wishes for a long and happy experience with this blog. - Anneta

  5. Tuesday's child is full of grace and Friday's child is loving and giving. Giving niceness on Friday would be a wonderful way to begin the weekend.

  6. Great idea Judy! I linked over from The Lipstick Chronicles as well. We've been trying to engage in more Random Acts of Kindness in our house, and Tuesday is going to now call for a special effort!

    Kathy Sweeney

  7. You guys all totally rock! It has been so amazing to see so many people embracing niceness. It's out there and we're making it happen!

  8. LOVE this idea, Judy! Yes, a little niceness, a bit of courtesy...these are very welcome. You (and Carleen) are really onto something here :).

  9. Judy, I love this idea. What's more, I've got a page on my blog I call, RAoK: Random Acts of Kindness. Anyone can leave a comment about something nice they've done for someone or something nice someone has done for them and post any link they want.

    What's been neat is that I've seen how many hits the page gets, yet there's an inverse number of postings. What does this say about our society? That we want to read about nice things, but no one wants to broadcast them? Too often the News is filled with the nasty part of life - I like to celebrate the good.

    So, yay you!

  10. and I had to laugh at my word verification word: SENSE.

    That makes sense. LOL

  11. I'm trying to bring Nice Happens Tuesdays to my school, and I'm finding students even reminding me about it. :D

    --Ms O

  12. Pssstttt...Judy? Your legacy lives on. Behold (and look carefully at the group's name--they named themselves--and the first page):