Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If It's Tuesday . . .

It must be another "Tuesday's child is full of grace" NICE HAPPENS! DAY.

So, go forth and spread the niceness.

And here's an update on my 21-Day Challange: yesterday was DAY ONE. Now, I need to admit that I didn't even leave the house until 4:45 in the afternoon. Which means I wasn't interacting with anyone . . . so, I could say I scored perfectly in that I wasn't un-nice to anyone. But that doesn't seem true to the mission. So . . . I'll double my efforts today (I've got lots of errands ahead of me today, including a major grocery shopping expedition.)

I did tell the clerk at the drive-through dry-cleaning window to have a great day. But she's always very friendly and I always tell her that.

p.s. I have to give a huge shout-out to my buddy and fellow author Laura Bradford aka Elizabeth Lynn Casey who's helping spread the word.


  1. Repeating something -- if you mean it -- is still nice. After all, what would she think if you didn't say it?