Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Results? Yes!

This is pretty cool . . . One of my cyber-buddies took the idea of NICE HAPPENS! to her high school in rural Minnesota. Here's what she wrote me this week:

Judy, I was gone last Tuesday and I'm gone for most of today, but I have to report that two weeks ago, when I brought your Nice Happens Tuesdays to each of my classes and to the faculty, a couple of great things happened:

1) My Principal brought it up at the faculty meeting so more of us could highlight it...

2) That day at lunch, without knowing what had happened, the lunch line workers went to Admin and said that the kids...many levels...were extremely pleasant and the vast majority said "thank you" to each of the workers on the line. The cooks couldn't figure it out, and Admin explained...yay! Direct and immediate action! I LOVE it!

So, don't ever think that your gestures don't matter. Nice happens. And it spreads ripples far beyond what anyone can know.